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Saturday, September 13, 2014

- me and the Devas [or a Recurrent Dream]

Tamanho/Size: A4
Ano/Year: 07/2014
Base: Lápis Aquarela/Watercolor pencils
Preço/Price: Indisponível/Not Available

Me and the Devas [or a Recurrent Dream]: yes, just as mentioned at the title box, it is a recurrent dream. Deva is the sole word that comes out from my mouth when I instantly wake up in the middle of the dream [or astral projection]. Normally, I am sat on a vast plain field surrounded by a lot of Devas teaching me a lot of stuffs that I can never remember... They are always gesturing a lot - like the Italians do, but in a gentle and calm way - which tease me to say that is not simply gesturing, it is, perhaps, sequential mudras.